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to the Greater Oak Hills
Civic Association

Oak Hills Place

Highland Rd. Entrance

A unity of neighbors, consisting of Oak Hills Place, Oak Hills Park, and Oak Hills III.

Oak Hills Park

Siegen Lane Entrance

Oak Hills III
Perkins Rd. Entrance

Greater Oak Hills Civic Association - Meeting July 16th 

The GOHCA Summer Social was held on Tuesday, July 16th 
at Hilltop Arboretum.  This was a fun family affair!  A large variety of pizza was available to suit everyone's preference and many flavors of homemade LSU ice cream to help cool down the evening! Bubbles the Clown was there and created wonderful face paintings for the numerous children who attended and balloon art as requested by each child.  A special thanks to Steven Mercier, who brought and set up several outdoor games for children & adults of all ages to enjoy.  We had about 70 adults and about 20 children who attended.  Pictures will be coming later!

2019-2020 GOHCA Directory

The GOHCA Officers, Board, Committee Chairmen and Block Captains are all working hard to update all the neighborhood resident's information for the next GOHCA directory - coming in September!  

Block Captains:  there are 55 block captain positions (more than 1 block captain on many streets).  Right now - we have 48 positions filled!  We would like to have 7 more volunteers!  We need volunteers for Amiens Dr., N. Lake Estates, Oak Hills Pkwy. (1) (addresses 221-428), Oakdale Dr. (1), Roan Ave., Towering Oaks Dr. (2) - Odd number addresses, and W. Lake Estates Ave.  To volunteer, contact Kim Moore, block captain chairman, 921-9585.
Block captains are vital to updating the information of the homeowners in our neighborhood for our directory.  We have many new residents who have moved into the neighborhood and would like to have them listed in the directory!  We have also found a few homes that were not listed at all in the previous directories and we have corrected that! So BE KIND to your block captains when they visit and ask for your current information!  You also have the option to not have your name or number listed in the directory.  We want all the information completed by Aug. 15th.

Officers and Board Members:  Many of our officers, board members, & committee chairmen are block captains.  They are also helping with our new campaign to sell ads to help finance the new directory!  We are selling ads to any neighbors who have a business & want to advertise in the directory and also to local neighborhood area businesses who want to purchase ads.  We are selling business cards ads - $40, quarter page ads - $75, half page ads - $125 and full page ads $225.  Remember - the directory is for at least 2  years (and maybe a little longer).  What a great way to advertise!!  We currently have 742 residents in the Greater Oak Hills neighborhood.

GOHCA ad information and form to purchase and ad
Click above to print form, fill it out, mail it back with your check AND send your ad - either printed out or as a text, pdf, or jpeg file.  Deadline for ads is Aug. 15, 2019.

Small Cell and Wireless Towers in the Parish

The Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations, is a "non-profit organization that was founded November 1, 1973,  as an umbrella organization for all local homeowner and civic associations, the first of its kind in the United States."  "Monthly meetings are held to educate the members on matters of interest and concern. By serving in an advisory capacity to many governmental bodies, the Federation representatives monitor zoning changes/challenges in an attempt to preserve and maintain the character and integrity of various neighborhoods.  Issues affecting all neighborhoods, i.e., drainage, crime, beautification, city ordinances, streets, violation of deed restrictions, and city planning are brought before the members each month.  The Federation communicates the needs of its members to the government officials and assists neighborhood in problem resolution" Taken from the FGBRCA Website,

Greater Oak Hills Civic Association has supported and been a member of The Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations for many years.  The FGBRCA has attended Council meetings and held its own meetings on the current concerns of Baton Rouge small cell towers that are going up in the parish.  Our current representative to FGBRCA, Chris Payton, has provided us with information about meetings that have been held in the last month and upcoming meetings this week about this important topic.

If you are interested in this topic - you may wish to attend the

Metro Council meeting on Wednesday, June 26, 4:00 at the Governmental Building on 222 St. Louis.  The FGBRCA legal team
will present research on the authority our Metro Council has
to regulate towers in right-of-ways. 

UPDATE ON THE MEETING RESULTS (June 26th at 10:40pm - WBRZ) 

More links to information below:  (click back arrow on your computer to return to this page)

Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations - May 30th meeting - write-up by The Advocate, Baton Rouge, LA

Summary of Baton Rouge 5G Cell Tower Initiative

Funding the EBRP 5G Cell Tower Ordinance Rewrite (GoFundMe)

2019 - Membership

We need YOUR support! We provide security patrols, host neighborhood events, maintain the entrance signs, and provide lawn service and plantings for each of our main entrances! 

The 2019 GOHCA Membership dues are still only $100!

A Letter from our 2019 GOHCA President, Ellen Elias and the GOHCA Board - May 2019
Click here to print a copy

Please fill out the information sheet & return it, along with check for $100 made out to GOHCA, and mail to:

Greater Oak Hills Civic Assn.
P. O. Box 82952
Baton Rouge, LA  70884-2952

Lost your form?  Click here to get the 2019 dues form

OR - you can click on this link to pay your dues online - and don't forget to fill out the information sheet as well and click submit!

Thank you!

Yard of the Month

July 2019 
Yard of the Month

Congratulations to 
Karen & Don Davis on
Wyatt Dr.


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