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to the Greater Oak Hills
Civic Association

Oak Hills Place

Highland Rd. Entrance

A unity of neighbors, consisting of Oak Hills Place, Oak Hills Park, and Oak Hills III.

Oak Hills Park

Siegen Lane Entrance

               Oak Hills III 

Perkins Rd. Entrance


Supporters of the
Greater Oak Hills Neighborhood Directory
Thank you for supporting our 2022-2023 Neighborhood Directory!

If you buy an advertisement ((black/white ad) for our directory by Nov. 30th, 2021, you will get the same Ad or color ad (if submitted) posted
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DEC. 15TH, 2021
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EBR Stormwater
Master Plan 

EBR Stormwater Master Plan Greetings!

The Stormwater Master Plan has rescheduled the Hurricane Creek/Engineer Depot Canal Public Meeting to Wednesday, September 15, 2021, at 6:00 PM, and the Monte Sano/Devil's Swamp Public Meeting to Wednesday, September 29, 2021, at 6:00 PM.

The virtual meetings will stream live to our website at During this time, we are reminded how critical the public's feedback is to develop a complete drainage and stormwater plan. Attendees can register at (for upcoming events Sept. - Nov. 2021) Please help us spread the word to your community!

Find out on our interactive map! Search by street address or zip code by typing into the search bar, or simply explore the map by panning, zooming, and clicking to reveal more details. FIND MY WATERSHED

Oak Hills
HUC 8 Code:  08070202
HUC 10 Code:  0807020208
HUC 10 Name:  Bayou Manchac-Amite River
HUC 12 Code:  080702020804
HUC 12 Name:  Bayou Fountain-Bayou Manchac
HUC 12 Acres:  37,741.00
HUC 14 Code:  08070202080404
HUC 14 Name:  Middle Bayou Fountain
HUC 16 Code:  0807020208040405
HUC 16 Acres:  1,201.29

2017 Land Cover Percentages
Field:  32.50%
Impervious Surface:  25.17%
Tree Canopy:  35.07%
Water:  7.27%
Map of Oak Hills Neighborhood Watershed - Bayou Fountain/Bayou Manchac

Hurricane Ida Information

Letter written from Ellen Elias, GOHCA President
Aug. 27, 2021 - Hurricane Ida
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     On May 17, 2021, during an estimated 13.7” deluge of rain, many Oak Hills Place residents on the lake and other resident’s homes within the Greater Oak Hills Neighborhood and Iberville Terrace neighborhoods were flooded. The flooding was the result of our street storm drains not being able to handle the amount of rainwater within a short period of time because the storm drains are not cleaned out – not from the lake overflowing. 
     This happens when debris from lawn mowing is blown into the drains, limbs are stacked on top of the drains and washing into them, leaves are not picked up, but allowed to wash into the drains, and other debris & sometimes toxic chemicals are poured down these drains. These storm drains then flow into our neighborhood lakes, causing damage to the fish, environment, and health of the lake, as well as stopping up our neighborhood drainage system, which then can cause homes to flood from the streets. 
     We are asking everyone to contact the Maintenance dept. to check your drains. If the whole neighborhood system was functioning even 20% better, that may be enough to stop some of the flooding. So please take the time to put in service requests! This is the dept. to contact for storm drain maintenance, if we can get some requests put in around the lake and even the Greater Oak Hills Neighborhood, we may fare better the next time we get a big rain event.
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SECURE items intended for trash & recycling pickup.  Wind could easily blow these items into a storm drain.
DISPOSE of debris with a broom rather than a water hose.  Hosing will send unwanted debris into the storm drain.
KEEP litter & yard debris clear from storm drains.  Litter is easily carried into storm drains by wind and rain.
PICK UP after pets.  Bring extra bags to dispose of waste properly.
PROPERLY STORE household items to prevent them from falling over and leaving your property.

Litter, leaves, and other items that enter storm drains are not treated at a wastewater treatment plant.  They flow directly to streams, rivers, & lakes without treatment, harming plants & wildlife and contributing to street-level flooding by blocking water flow.

Our Summer Social is back at Hilltop!!
Tues. July 20th (2021)
6:00 - 8:00!!

Take a break from cooking and buy dinner from the Rice & Roux food truck. 
We will have bottled water for all.
Rainbow the clown will be painting faces and making fun balloon's.
What's a summer party without snowballs??  We'll have that available as well.
There will be games and fun to be had for everyone. 

The Summer Social, held on July 20th, was a great success!  We estimate about 70 adults & children attended!  Thanks to everyone who attended, planned, set up, and made this the best ever Summer Social.  

Thanks to Rice & Roux for coming out, our wonderful clown, who did balloons and face painting for all the children, New Orleans Style SNO-BALLS for their wonderful snowballs, Bill Austin for the popcorn machine, & Stephen Mercier for providing lots of games for everyone to enjoy!

It's 2021 and the Greater Oak Hills Civic Assn. Annual Dues are due and still only $100.00 per family!  The officers, board and committees are working hard to keep our neighborhood great!

The information should have come to your residence on Wed. February 17th, 2021.

A Letter from our GOHCA President, Ellen Elias

2021 Proposed Budget

2021 Dues Invoice (front)  
A Little Lagniappe   Print out this sheet also to mail in with your dues & fill it in if you wish to donate more than the dues - to a special GOHCA fund, such as additional cameras (beyond the main 3 entrances - which should be completed in the next few weeks), additional entrance decorations, or add your own suggestion!   

To pay your 2021 dues:

You can pay your dues online, using PayPal or a Credit Card, 
and submit the online form with your information


You can print out a dues form to mail in with your check!


You can fill out and return the Invoice form that was mailed to your home,
along with your 2021 dues check.

Click on this link to pay your dues online. 
(Or go to "About Us" tab at top and Scroll down to "Pay Dues Now"!!

2021 Membership Update

Membership will be updated on a regular basis - we're off to a good start but need more participation!

As of July 17, 2021:  363 members out of 744 residents or 49% have paid!

The PayPal/Credit Card online payment is a convenience for many - but sometimes it is difficult to identify who has paid for many reasons:

1. The membership is paid by a parent/grandparent with a different last name.
2. The address is not listed on the PayPal payment.

3. The person who paid may have a PayPal account listed in a different last name (maiden name before getting married, etc.

4.  It could be a new family who moved in that we don't know about yet.

5.  It could be someone who previously did not want to give their name & was listed as "Neighbor". 

So please be sure to include all your information when paying dues!          

Lagniappe Donations!

Thanks so much to all the families who "gave a little something extra" beyond their dues to help improve our neighborhood!

Donations as of March 26, 2021

Number who've donated:           58 families

Cameras for entrances:                $1,740.00

Seasonal decorations:                     $225.00

Other ideas                                        $700.00

American flags (small):                    $350.00

Other donations:                               $270.00


Total donations:                             $2,615.00

Thank You!!!  It all adds up!

2020-2021 - We have installed 2 video cameras & 2 sidewalk cameras at Siegen Lane & Highland Rd. entrances.  We have purchased a 3rd camera & installed the pole at the Oak Hills III entrance.  There has been a delay in the installation, but we're working on that!


Several members have commented on issues they would like to see addressed and also donated money for "Other Donations".    These comments are passed on to our President, Ellen Elias, and she has been contacting many of these residents to talk about issues.  

In the cases of donations for sidewalk repair, please see the entire link below: (May want to change where your "other donation" goes).

Who repairs neighborhood sidewalks?

Repairing, Maintaining & Constructing Sidewalks

(In part, the EBR Parish regulations state:

Sec. 2:171. - Duty of owners.

It shall be the duty of all owners of lots fronting on streets having paved sidewalks to:

(1)  Pave, repair and keep in repair, the sidewalks in front of their said lots by removing all uneven and broken sections and replacing them with such materials as will level the surface and make it uniform;

(2)  Provide sufficient drainage over or under the sidewalks to prevent the accumulation or standing of water on or near the sidewalks;

(3)  Prevent the growth or accumulation of weeds, grass, dirt or other nuisance on the sidewalks, or the neutral grounds adjacent thereto.

(City Code 1951, Title 2, § 171; Parish Code 1962, Title 2, § 171)


Mosquito and Rat Abatement programs 

In the cases of donations for rat abatement program,, please see the entire link below: (May want to change where your "Other Donations" goes).

Baton Rouge City-Parish Program - CALL 311 to report mosquito or rodent problem!

The East Baton Rouge Mosquito Abatement and Rodent Control reduces populations of annoying and potentially disease-bearing pests.

The Greater Oak Hills Civic Assn.  2020-2021 Neighborhood Directory is complete and we are in the process of handing them out now.

We have Block Captains who are assigned to every street in our neighborhood and the will be handing out these
Free directories to every resident of the Greater Oak Hills Neighborhood!  

This was made possible by our advertising supporters - so please Support our Advertisers!

Thank you to all who helped make this directory available to everyone!

GOHCA has moved back to Hilltop Arboretum for both our Board Meetings and General Meetings!  We are so happy to be back to "our" Hilltop Arboretum!!

GOHCA Board Meeting

Tues. Nov.16th
6:30 - 8:30 
Hilltop Arboretum
"Excited to let you all know that Entergy has confirmed they will be at our General Meeting to discuss the upgrades and outages in our subdivision.
Rowdy Gaudet, our councilman is expected to attend as well".

Ellen Elias

Block Captains

Click on Link for updated information for block captains.  Several pages to print out.

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Crime Watch

To report a non-life threatening crime or suspicious activity, call the updated number below:

(225) 389-5074
NOTE: Updated number for faster response time.


Please lock your cars! 
Do not leave valuables in your car.

Keep carport lights on.

City of Baton Rouge/East Baton Rouge Parish - 8/11/2020