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Civic Association


Oak Hills Place

Highland Rd. Entrance

A unity of neighbors, consisting of Oak Hills Place, Oak Hills Park, and Oak Hills III.

Oak Hills Park

Siegen Lane Entrance

Oak Hills III
Perkins Rd. Entrance


GOHCA Christmas Decorations Contest!

      Thanks to everyone for the beautiful Christmas Decorations all over our neighborhood!

                           It was hard to decide, but the official winners are below

Best Overall

Steve and Rebecca Gammon

12026 Oakhaven

Best Yard 

Doug and Angie Hooper

720 Pastureview Dr.

Best Mailbox

Mario and Lucie Gannuch

927 Pastureview Dr. 

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention

Best Overall

Max Gammom - Family light expert

Accepting the Best Overall Award -

A Christmas Norfolk Pine

Best Door

James and Darlene Schnexnayder

626 Mossy Oak

Honorable Mention
Honorable Mention
Honorable Mention

Your Dues at Work!!

2017 beautification project at Siegen Lane entrance 

The beautification project for the Siegen/N. Oak Hills entrance has been completed in record time!  We have 8 beautiful, large Crape Myrtle trees planted on the right side of N. Oak Hills Pkwy as you exit the neighborhood.  The work listed below was all completed by Green Up, who maintains the landscaping for the entrances into our neighborhood & mows the grass.  GREAT JOB GREEN UP!

A new beautification project, headed up by Beau Wolf, for the Siegen/N. Oak Hills entrance passed at the June board meeting by a vote of 9–0.  Green Up was the low bidder for each scope of the project.  The project is underway - crews were working at the site on June 26th.  Phase 1 of the project includes:

1. Installation of (4) four zones of irrigation on the exit side of the drive (opposite side of the

Oak Hills Park sign). Irrigation will cover from the curb of the road to the landscaping

approximately 20 feet from the road.

2. Installation of a new irrigation time clock to operate the new four zone irrigation system. The time clock will be battery powered due to power not being available on the exit side of the road.

3. Installation of (8) eight new 10-12 foot Crape Myrtle trees to border the exit side of the road as

phase 1 of the landscape Master Plan. The Crape Myrtles will be a mixture of Pink Valoure

(dark/bright pink) and Tuscarora (light pink).

4. Installation of top soil/garden soil around the base of each tree and associated pine straw around each base.  

Phase 2 of this beautification project will be continued in 2018.

Repairs completed on the Oak Hills III, Perkins Rd. sign

Special thanks to Brian Hanchey and Beau Wolf and many others who worked on getting our sign back in record time!  The repairs were done almost immediately after a traffic mishap damaged one entire side of it at the end of April.  It was completely restored to its original form by the end of May!

Coyote and Fox sightings

A warning from Peggy D. Coates, executive director at Hilltop Arboretum:  Peggy just sent an email warning to several nearby neighborhoods that coyote's have been spotted roaming through Hilltop and into Iberville Terrace and Oak Hills neighborhoods. She warns everyone to get the word out and be vigilant about making sure pets and pet food are not left out at night! Natalie Diez reported on Nextdoor that a coyote was seen on Verdun 2 days ago. It has also been reported that foxes have been seen in Oak Hills Place around the lake area.

2017 - Membership

We need YOUR support! We provide security patrols, host neighborhood events, maintain the entrance signs, and provide lawn service and plantings for each of our main entrances!

DUES are only $100 for the entire year!  You should have received a 2017 dues invoice in the mail recently.  Please fill out the information sheet & return it, along with check for $100 made out to GOHCA, and mail to:

Greater Oak Hills Civic Assn.,
P. O. Box 82952
Baton Rouge, LA  70884-2952
Lost your form?  Click here to get the 2017 dues form.

OR - you can click on this link to pay your dues online - and don't forget to fill out the information sheet as well and click submit!

Crime Watch

To report a non-life threatening crime, call the sheriff's office switchboard number at 

(225) 389-5000.

Please lock your cars! 
Do not leave valuables in your car.

Keep carport lights on.

Report suspicious activity to the Sheriff's office at 
(225) 389-5000.

Click here to see the monthly Sheriff Crime Reports

or Join - this is a public website that is used by many in our neighborhood and those in the surrounding neighborhoods.  Items can be posted by members - including classifieds, free items, recommendations, crime & safety, lost & found, and general information. 

Yard of the Month

September 2017

Congratulations to the September 2017 Yard of the Month Winners!

Charles and Frances Brady

on Pastureview Dr.

"Yard of the Month" is awarded to one current GOHCA member each month during the spring, summer and fall months.  Judges for this award are members of the beautification committee and other volunteers.  

The judging is usually during the 2nd week of the current month.  

A sign in the winning yard is displayed for the month and the winner is awarded a gift certificate to Harb's Oasis.  The winning yards can be seen on the links below.

A  special thanks to the Harb family for sponsoring this event to encourage individual residents to beautify and maintain their yards!

Only in Louisiana!