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EBR Storm Water Master Plan

EBR Stormwater Master Plan Greetings!
The Stormwater Master Plan has rescheduled the Hurricane Creek/Engineer Depot Canal Public Meeting to Wednesday, September 15, 2021, at 6:00 PM, and the Monte Sano/Devil's Swamp Public Meeting to Wednesday, September 29, 2021, at 6:00 PM.
The virtual meetings will stream live to our website at During this time, we are reminded how critical the public's feedback is to develop a complete drainage and stormwater plan. Attendees can register at (for upcoming events Sept. - Nov. 2021) Please help us spread the word to your community!

Find out on our interactive map! Search by street address or zip code by typing into the search bar, or simply explore the map by panning, zooming, and clicking to reveal more details. FIND MY WATERSHED

Oak Hills
HUC 8 Code:  08070202
HUC 10 Code:  0807020208
HUC 10 Name:  Bayou Manchac-Amite River
HUC 12 Code:  080702020804
HUC 12 Name:  Bayou Fountain-Bayou Manchac
HUC 12 Acres:  37,741.00
HUC 14 Code:  08070202080404
HUC 14 Name:  Middle Bayou Fountain
HUC 16 Code:  0807020208040405
HUC 16 Acres:  1,201.29

2017 Land Cover Percentages
Field:  32.50%
Impervious Surface:  25.17%
Tree Canopy:  35.07%
Water:  7.27%

Map of Oak Hills Neighborhood Watershed - Bayou Fountain/Bayou Manchac

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Your Storm Drain is Just for Rain!


     On May 17, 2021, during an estimated 13.7” deluge of rain, many Oak Hills Place residents on the lake and other resident’s homes within the Greater Oak Hills Neighborhood and Iberville Terrace neighborhoods were flooded. The flooding was the result of our street storm drains not being able to handle the amount of rainwater within a short period of time because the storm drains are not cleaned out – not from the lake overflowing. 
     This happens when debris from lawn mowing is blown into the drains, limbs are stacked on top of the drains and washing into them, leaves are not picked up, but allowed to wash into the drains, and other debris & sometimes toxic chemicals are poured down these drains. These storm drains then flow into our neighborhood lakes, causing damage to the fish, environment, and health of the lake, as well as stopping up our neighborhood drainage system, which then can cause homes to flood from the streets. 
     We are asking everyone to contact the Maintenance dept. to check your drains. If the whole neighborhood system was functioning even 20% better, that may be enough to stop some of the flooding. So please take the time to put in service requests! This is the dept. to contact for storm drain maintenance, if we can get some requests put in around the lake and even the Greater Oak Hills Neighborhood, we may fare better the next time we get a big rain event.
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SECURE items intended for trash & recycling pickup.  Wind could easily blow these items into a storm drain.
DISPOSE of debris with a broom rather than a water hose.  Hosing will send unwanted debris into the storm drain.
KEEP litter & yard debris clear from storm drains.  Litter is easily carried into storm drains by wind and rain.
PICK UP after pets.  Bring extra bags to dispose of waste properly.
PROPERLY STORE household items to prevent them from falling over and leaving your property.

Litter, leaves, and other items that enter storm drains are not treated at a wastewater treatment plant.  They flow directly to streams, rivers, & lakes without treatment, harming plants & wildlife and contributing to street-level flooding by blocking water flow.