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We Value Safety and Security!

Citations Report

Thanks to M. Shaw for getting our Security Patrols back on track!!

Our extra duty officer is Cpl. Patrick Womack.  Please free to stop and thank him when you see him.  He's done an amazing job thus far.  If anyone has any questions or information they would like passed on, you can contact M. Shaw.

Sept. - Oct. Citations

12 speeding:
6 Oakdale
1 Twisted Oak

9 failure to come to complete stop:
4 NOHP @ Pasturerview
1 Oakdale @ Oakwilde
1 Oak Haven @ Twisted Oak
1 W Lakeview @ Verdun
1 Lazy K

Most speeders were between 30-35 mph.
Nothing outrageous.

NO more warnings will be issued
A rolling stop is not a stop
30mph and up IS speeding

According to September crime report:
Oak Hills had 1 burglary of an unlocked vehicle.
No thefts, no suspicious activity reported. 

Crime Reports

For non-life threatening crime, call sheriff's office number at  

(225) 389-5074 - new updated number

ERBSO Contact Information

Search for Offenders in your area

EBR Sheriff's Office Calls for Assistance (CAD - Calls for assistance by geographic sector)
To view crime reports by the month:  Click on the link above.  Click on "I understand"  On next screen click sector 7, then click on Sector 7B, and finally on Sector 7B1 to get stats for our area.  Click on the the month you are interested in.  Incidents are grouped by category - click on a catagory for more details - the block number and street where the incident was reported.   (OR CLICK EACH OF THE MONTHS SHOWN BELOW)
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