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We Value Safety and Security!

Crime Reports from EBR Sheriff's Office

For non-life threatening crime, call sheriff's office number 

(225) 389-5074 - new updated number

ERBSO Contact Information

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Crime summary for Just Oak Hills Subdivision

These reports were obtained from the EBR Sheriff's Office by Marty Lensing, who presented them at the Nov. 19, 2019 General Meeting. 
These reports pertain only to our neighborhood - not the entire area bounded by Bluebonnet Blvd., Perkins Rd., Siegen Lane, & Highland Rd.

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EBR Sheriff's Office Calls for Assistance (CAD - Calls for assistance by geographic sector)
To view crime reports by the month:  Click on the link above.  Click on "I understand"  On next screen click sector 7, then click on Sector 7B, and finally on Sector 7B1 to get stats for our area.  Click on the the month you are interested in.  Incidents are grouped by category - click on a category for more details - the block number and street where the incident was reported. 

NOTE:  Some of these crime reports include more than our 7B-1 area!  Many include Nicholson Dr. area & beyond.


Sector 7B1 - bounded by Highland Rd., Bluebonnet Blvd., Perkins Rd., and Siegen Ln.

There have not been any crime reports 
since October 2019 through July 2020. 
Not sure why - just get message:
"Nothing to report."

No reports
No reports
No reports

Neighborhood Citations Reports

August 2018
Thanks to M. Shaw for taking on the tough job of neighborhood patrols and being the liaison with the Sheriff's Office for us.  This is important to make sure our neighborhood is safe for our children, adults, and pets.  Over the years and continuing now, there have been complaints of cars speeding, running stop signs throughout our neighborhood.
Our extra duty officer is Cpl. Patrick Womack.  Please free to stop and thank him when you see him.  He's done an amazing job thus far.  If anyone has any questions or information they would like passed on, you can contact M. Shaw.


NO more warnings will be issued (as of Oct. 2018)

  • Speed limit is set by the City-Parish and for most A1
          Residential Neighborhoods, the Speed Limit is now 25 mph!   
         30mph and up IS speeding
  • Most speeders were between 30-35 mph
  • A rolling stop is not a stop 

The rules are simple - AND THEY APPLY TO EVERYONE!

(Based on the infractions from the Jan. - April 2019 citations) 

Obey the driving laws!

1.  Buckle up!  Young children in car seats - everyone else in seat

2.  Go the speed limit (always)!


4.  Obey all traffic signs.

5.  If your license is suspended - DON'T DRIVE!

Keep Current!

6.  Renew your driver's license on time.

7.  Renew your car safety inspection sticker every year - on time!

8.  Renew your LA license plate before the expiration date.

9.  Keep your car insured and have a current copy of your
     insurance in your car.

Keep proof of papers in your car or on your phone

10.  Have your driver's license, current car registration and 
     current car insurance with you (or on your smartphone
an app) anytime you drive. 

11. Make sure that your license plate is clearly visible & 

     displayed outside and on the rear of your car - not 
     obstructed by mud, etc.

Make sure that you car is maintained!

12.  Make sure that your turn signal lights and brake lights are

13.  Make sure that your brakes work, your tires are safe for all
       weather conditions and not dangerously worn.

Know the A1 subdivision parking and driving rules for East Baton Rouge Parish links