Greater Oak Hills Civic Association                 

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Louisiana Lagniappe

Who You Gonna Call?

 3-1-1 Call Center
Hours:  7:30am - 5:00pm M-F

For domestic animal concerns (stray/loose dogs and cats); housing conditions (overgrown lots, junk or inoperative vehicles); mosquito related problems; potholes; traffic signal malfunctions (street sign and traffic light related concerns); sidewalk concerns (damaged or in need of repair), trash & debris pickup; tree/branch hazards; non-permitted construction and zoning violations, and to report a street light no longer working.


9-1-1 Calls
For medical emergencies, fires, or crimes in progress

Emergency Medical Services - FAQ's

811 Call Before You Dig -  LA One Call is a free service to help you dig safely. ... Before you start.. Dial 811 


Entergy LA- Residential Customers

To report outages or street light out, call
(225) 381-5880


Extensive list (6 pages) of phone extensions for Baton Rouge government and services from Animals to Utilities.  

Click here to view and print out this handy list!


Baton Rouge Recycling Office


Recycling Frequently Asked Questions


Automated Garbage Collection
  Includes:  How to set out your garbage cart, recycling cart, yard waste and trash

                  For 70810 -
Garbage is collected on Mon. & Thurs.
Recycle on Thurs.
Trash Pick-up on Thurs.
NOTE: Hired contracters are responsible for removing their own debris (trees that were removed, building trash, etc.) 


City of Baton Rouge 


Geaux Vote!

EBRP Elected Officials
Click tab, "By Parish" & select
East Baton Rouge - 17

Metro Council Districts 
GOHCA is District 3 -
Chandler Loupe

Louisiana State Legislature

Updated on a regular basis
Members of the Louisiana State Legislature

House of Representatives - Dist. 070
Barbara Reich Freiberg

District 70 Map: 

State Senator - 16th Senatorial District       

Franklin J. Foil

16th Senatorial Map

United States Legislators

City and State Government

Be sure to click on "Open Data BR" after going to link above!  This was launched in July 2015 by Mayor-President Kip Holden.  It is an interactive digital tool - that includes information on housing & development, government, business & financial, public safety, transportation, and culture & recreation.  

City of Baton Rouge
Parish of East Baton Rouge

Office of Neighborhoods

Neighborhood's Resources and Links


City of Baton Rouge - Residential Traffic Calming Manual

East Baton Rouge Parish

Code of Ordinances (Municode)


Sec. 2:171. - Duty of owners.
It shall be the duty of all owners of lots fronting on streets having paved sidewalks to:


Pave, repair and keep in repair, the sidewalks in front of their said lots by removing all uneven and broken sections and replacing them with such materials as will level the surface and make it uniform;


Provide sufficient drainage over or under the sidewalks to prevent the accumulation or standing of water on or near the sidewalks;


Prevent the growth or accumulation of weeds, grass, dirt or other nuisance on the sidewalks, or the neutral grounds adjacent thereto.

(City Code 1951, Title 2, § 171; Parish Code 1962, Title 2, § 171)

Who's Responsible for Repairing Sidewalks? The Advocate Article

Council District 3 - Chandler Loupe (GOHCA district)

No Soliciting Rules

NOTE:   Religious, political, or charitable solicitation is not considered to be peddling. 

More information on soliciting:

All those wishing to engage in house-to- house peddling must first obtain a permit from the finance department as provided in subsections12:200(c) and (d).


All persons engaged in house to house peddling, as herein defined, must have a valid permit for the time period in which they are peddling.


All persons engaged in house to house peddling, as herein defined, must have a valid permit on their person, and produce said permit and suitable identification to demonstrate that the solicitor is the person identified by the permit upon demand by an occupant or law enforcement officer or agent.


Minor children engaged in house to house peddling, as herein defined, receive permits through their parents or legal custodians.


Minor children engaged in house to house peddling, as herein defined, must be accompanied by an adult, at least eighteen (18) years of age, while engaging in house-to-house peddling.

Office of the Planning Commission

* Planning Commission FAQ's 


* Bike BR 

State of Louisiana

Official Louisiana website

Voting in Louisiana (secretary of state) 

Find my Legislators
Your Louisiana and U.S. Legislators for Oak Hills


(Homeowner Association Law Enforcement Communication System)

The Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations

 announced in March, the partnership between the Baton Rouge Police Department and the Civic Associations of Baton Rouge. This endeavor will begin within the city limits but plans to expand to the entire parish. The BRPD will cultivate a direct line of communication with the Civic Associations regarding criminal activity within the city limits in order to meet the needs of the citizens of Baton Rouge.

Because Greater Oak Hills Civic Association is a member of the Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations, Custom Security is offering discounts (thru 12-31-14) to our 2014 GOHCHA members.  Custom Security will verify that the applicant is a current member.

Security Tips from the FGBRCA
Door to Door Peddling

Safety tips, Arrests, Scammers

Safety Tips

Neighborhood Watch
Safety on 4th of July

Safety Reminders

Reminders from our safety liaison:

* Record serial numbers of all firearms or anything of value that you have. 

* Take pictures of your jewelry. 
* Keep these lists at a place other than your residence, i.e.:  office, relative’s homes, etc. 

* Take a few minutes and protect yourself.  SET YOUR ALARMS, even if going out for “a few minutes”.

* Lock your car doors.

NOTE:  Many items are stolen and subsequently recovered by law enforcement but are not able to be traced and returned because the victim could not provide identifying information. 

Fire Ants

October and March are the 2 months to put out fire ant baits in your yards.  It is recommended that you alternate putting Amdro and Extinguish.  If everyone would do this during these two designated months, there would no longer be fire ants in our neighborhood!

Control Fire Ants

For more information on Fire Ants, click here

Hurricane Information

Recycle Right - Let's sort it out!        and     Sewer and Solid Waste User Fees

                  Recycle Right - Let's sort it out!                                                            Tips on Saving on Utility Bills