Greater Oak Hills Civic Association                 

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Description and duties of the GOHCA board  --- taken from the GOHCA Corporate By-Laws for the Greater Oak Hills Civic Association (posted under the "Documents" Tab)

Description and duties of the GOHCA committees

Officer and Board Member Requirements
GOHCA Articles of Incorporation,
amended Oct. 19, 2019
GOHCA By-Laws, May 21, 2019
Please note:  You must be a paid member to vote!


March 15, 2022 Board 

Elections for the 2022 Year  were held Tues. March 15th, 2022.
Clayton Breland & Mike Paul, current board members, along with Ellen Elias, President; Lindsey Litchfield, Secretary  
and Kathryn Gremillion, treasurer, WELCOME OUR



Ellen Elias


Vice-President: (appointed by Pres. at board meeting - 4/19/22

Brian Apple            Term expires in 2025


Lindsey Litchfield


Kathryn Gremillion

Board of Directors
 (5-7 members for 3 year terms)     

Current Board Members:

Clayton Breland    Term expires 2024


Michael Paul            Term expires 2024

Ray Kothe               Term expires in 2025

Trey Williams           Term expires in 2025

Kevin Young             Term expires in 2025

Craig Zaunbrecher    
Term expires in 2025



Beau Wolfe - Chairman

Block Captain Coordinators:   
Ellen Elias & Martha Austin

Decorations and Yard of the Month:

Barbara Lorio - Co-Chairmen  

Michelle Knobloch - Co-Chairmen
Frances Brady - Co-Chairmen 

Event Signs

Landon Braud

Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Assns.

Chris Payton


Martha Austin - (225) 270-7048

Nominations Committee:

Need to fill this position!

Safety/Security Liaison

Mackenzie Shaw

Social Chairman  
  Looking for a volunteer!

Welcoming Committee:  

  Looking for a volunteer!

Website Coordinator:

Martha Austin - (225) 270-7048

GOHCA Facebook Moderators:

Nancy and John Tooraen - message via FB

Regional Development:

VACANT - Looking for a volunteer!