Greater Oak Hills Civic Association                 

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2019 - 2020 Board 
Elected at the March 19, 2019 General Meeting



Ellen Elias – 225-819-0627


Jerry Satawa – 225-767-5227


Lindsey Litchfield – 225-939-3279


Rodney Underwood – 225-636-2313 

(looking for replacement to train)

Board of Directors
 (5-7 members for 3 yrs. terms)     

Kim Moore - 921-9585                   Term expires 2020

Steve Toben - 938-6354                 Term expires 2020

Madeline McAndrew - 778-7610    Term expires 2021

Marty Lensing                                 Term expires 2021

Karla Raby - 440-655-5296             Term expires 2022

Mackenzie Shaw – 225-933-7927   Term expires 2022 (prefers text) 

Steven Mercier                              Term expires 2020* 

*Appointed at April meeting to serve remainder of Ellen's position on the board.



Beau Wolfe - Chairman - 362-1882

Block Captain Coordinators:   Looking for someone to help Kim with this!

Kim Moore -  225-921-9585

Decorations and Yard of the Month:

Rosalind Fronczek - Co-Chairmen - 766-8048

Lucie & Mario Gannuch - Co-Chairmen - 768-0844

Event Signs

Landon Braud

Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Assns.

Chris Payton – 225-757-6988


Martha Austin - 766-5860

Nominations Committee:

Need to fill this position!

Safety/Security Liaison

Mackenzie Shaw -933-7927  *text messaging is fine!

Social Chairman  
Looking for a volunteer!

Welcoming Committee:  

  Looking for a volunteer!

Phone Tree System:

Bill Austin - 766-5860

* To add or remove your name from the phone tree list, email Bill Austin and be sure to put "Oak Hills phone tree" in the subject 


Website Coordinator:

Martha Austin - 766-5860

GOHCA Facebook Moderators:

Nancy and John Tooraen - message via FB

Regional Development:

VACANT - Looking for a volunteer!


Those board members from Oak Hills III , who asked to be reappointed to finish their terms of office, were approved at the Jan. 15, 2019 meeting - after the new Articles of Incorporation were amended at the 10/16/18 GOHCA board meeting and filed with the state.

The Articles of Incorporation that were amended at the 10/16/18 GOHCA general board meeting and made official on 10/19/18 by the Secretary of State have now included Oak Hills III into GOHCA.

The present board can appoint board members in the interim, prior to the GOHCA official General Board Meeting for elections of new officers and board members that will be held in March 2019.