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2019 Block Captains

Block Captain Chairman:  Kim Moore
Looking for a co-chairman to help Kim!

                                                          Membership Chairman:  Martha Austin -

2020 Block Captains - email or call Kim to volunteer!)

Only a few more block captains are needed to effectively cover the neighborhood!  
These streets are in need of a block captain - AS OF August 17, 2020
1.  Court St. - addresses: 221-428 - 9 homes
2.  Towering Oaks Dr. (1) - Even Number addresses - 14 homes
3.  W. Lakeview Dr. (2) 1046-1229 - 16 homes
4.  Sundance Dr. (2) 912-1041 - 14 homes
5.  Mossy Oak Ave. (2)  655-833 -  20 homes
To volunteer, fill out the form below OR email or call Block Captain Chairman:  Kim Moore -, (225) 921-9585


Letter to our Block Captains - emailed out with your Block Captain sheets on July 25, 2020

July 24, 2020

Hi –

     A big thank you to all the hard-working block captains in Oak Hills! You all did a great job in 2019 and we found some new addresses & homes, as well as eliminated a few homes that were not in our neighborhood!

     By the way – we still need block captains for 2 streets: Court St. and Towering Oaks Dr. (1).
Please contact Kim Moore if you know someone who can help!

  Attached  are your updated Block Captain list as of July 15th, 2020! These lists were updated as we received the membership invoices from our residents and any updates from our block captains. As of July 15, we have 362 members (49%) of our residents.

     These forms are in a Word document. It is best to download and save them to your computer to keep the form intact. (The preview button does not always show the correct formatting).

     Kim Moore, our Block Captain Chairman, asks that if you have any extra directories that haven’t been issued, please get them back to her or if you need an extra one for a new family moving in, you can contact her.

     Please try to keep your list current by updating anyone on your list who is moving into the neighborhood or moving out. That way we can keep to entire directory current and will be able to send out information to all our current residents when needed.

     Send any updates you have (a picture, a copy, or updated email) to:

Kim Moore – GOHCA Block Captain Chair                                     Martha Austin – GOHCA Membership Chairman
12046 Oak Haven Dr.                                                                      867 E. Lakeview Dr.
(225) 921-9585                                                                                (225) 270-7048                                                    

Keep up with our Block Captain Page on our website:
(Under the “About Us” tab on the website).

Thank you,

Martha Austin, Kim Moore, and Ellen Elias, GOHCA President

Volunteer to be a Block Captain!

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Duties of a Block Captain

1.  Letter to all neighbors introducing yourself and letting them know you are their “go to person”.  Notify Block Captain Chairman (Kim Moore and Membership Chairman (Martha Austin) with information such as selling home/moving, death of resident, new neighbors, any suspicious activity on street or neighborhood.

2.  Let Membership  AND  Block Captain Chairman know of any updates for the directory, adds, changes and removals.

3.  Distribute letters/call/email neighbors about events in the neighborhood, GOHCA Civic Association meetings and social events.

4.  Forward any pertinent information to the GOHCA President, and/or Membership/Website (

 for information to be posted on the website

NOTE:  You do not have to live on the street that you are block captain for, in case you wish to volunteer & your street is taken.

To volunteer, email:

Kim Moore -

cell phone:  225 921-9585 or fill out the form above.