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2021 Block Captains

Block Captain Chairman:  Looking for a Block Captain Chairman!

Our wonderful Block Captain Chairman, Kim Moore, has moved out of Baton Rouge to be closer to her family. 
We are missing her enthusiasm and "people" skills!

If you are interested in becoming our new Block Captain Chairman, please notify either

                                                          Membership Chairman:  Martha Austin -   or      
  GOHCA President: Ellen Elias -         

A Letter from your President

                                                   Block Captain Dinner - Monday, September 20, 2021 - 6:30 pm at Hilltop Arboretum
Welcome to the Block Captain Dinner!   We thank you for your commitment as a block captain.  We will be serving a light dinner and having a meeting to discuss the upcoming neighborhood directory.  Your participation is imperative to prepare for the printing of the directory.  Yes, 2 years have already passed and it's time to print a new directory.  The housing market has been "HOT" and we need updated information on our new neighbors.  We know the directory is appreciated by all.  It is very costly to print, but the 2020-2021 directory was funded entirely by the ads that were sold & displayed in our directory!  Your efforts are greatly appreciated to keep the directory as current as possible.  Thank you for of your help.
Ellen S. Elias
GOHCA President
Only 8 more block captains are needed to effectively cover the neighborhood!  
These streets are in need of a block captain - AS OF Nov. 8, 2021
Interested??  This is a great way to meet your neighbors!

We're looking for 13  (now 8) new block captains:  (we have split up some of the longer streets)

1. Beacontree Dr. - 5 homes

2. Chester Dr. - 18 homes

3. N. Lake Estates Ave. - 5 homes

4. Oak Haven Ave. II - 14 homes

5. Oak Hills Pkwy. 1  (addresses 221-428 - 9 homes)

6. Oakdale Dr. 1  (addresses 1313-1517 - 15 homes )

7. Towering Oaks Dr. (1) - 14 homes

8. W. Lake Estates Ave. - 8 homes

Oak Haven Ave. I - 13 homes  - Taken by Azura Hallett - Thank you!

Pastureview Dr. (1) - 19 homes - Taken by Emily Wolfe - Thank you!

Pastureview Dr. (2) - 19 homes  Taken by Frances Brady - Thank you!

(Pastureview Dr. (3) - 19 homes - Aaron Biggers - moved from Part 1 to Part 3) - Thank you!

Pastureview Dr. (4) - 20 homes - Taken by David Sauls - Thank you!

Roan Ave. - 6 homes - Taken by Phillip Legendre!  - Thank you!

Sundance Dr. (1)  (addresses 912-1041 - 14 homes)  - Thank you! - Mac & Cindy Twiner for helping -but still looking for permanent BC!

To volunteer, fill out the form below and click "Send" button OR email or call Martha Austin, Membership Chairman (225) 270-7048

Block Captain letters to print out

NOTE -  Please click back arrow to return to this page after clicking on BC sheet print out.
Block Captain letters for new residents  (revised 9/27/2021).   
2022-2023 Ad Prices for new Directory  (revised10/14/2021). 
BLOCK CAPTAINS - If you have new neighbors, or neighbors that you cannot reach, you can contact them with this letter! 
You can leave it at their door or hand it to them to introduce yourself as their block captain. 
They can fill out and return the bottom portion of their information to you.
This is a letter to all your neighbors, introducing yourself and letting them know you are their “go to person”. 

We will email out this same Block Captain Sheet to each of you & you can make copies to hand out to your neighbors.
 This is information that you can add to your block captain sheets - that will be turned in to either:
                   Martha Austin – GOHCA Membership Chairman                OR                           Ellen Elias - GOHCA President
                   867 E. Lakeview Dr.                                                                                                12226 Chester Dr.
                   (225) 270-7048 (cell)                                                                                                (225) 819-0627 (home)

We are officially planning our new GOHCA Neighborhood directory for 2022-2023!

We successfully sold ads to finance the printing of our previous directory in 2019 and were able to distribute this directory
free of charge to all of our residents in our Greater Oak Hills Neighborhood!  These ads were sold to some of our residents, as well as nearby businesses in the Baton Rouge area - mostly by our 2019 GOHCA board.  

We are trying to expand our "sales team" by also asking any Block Captains, as well as our current and past board members to help with these sales!  You can consult your 2020-2021 Directory to see the listing of all the advertisers who helped to fund that directory.

          Keep up with our Block Captain Page on our website:

(Under the “About Us” tab on the website).

Thank you,
Martha Austin, Membership and Ellen Elias, GOHCA President

Volunteer to be a Block Captain!

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Duties of a Block Captain

1.  Letter to all neighbors introducing yourself and letting them know you are their “go to person”.  Notify Block Captain Chairman (Kim Moore and Membership Chairman (Martha Austin) with information such as selling home/moving, death of resident, new neighbors, any suspicious activity on street or neighborhood.

2.  Let Membership  AND  Block Captain Chairman know of any updates for the directory, adds, changes and removals.

3.  Distribute letters/call/email neighbors about events in the neighborhood, GOHCA Civic Association meetings and social events.

4.  Forward any pertinent information to the GOHCA President, OR to Membership Chairman  for information to be posted on the website.

To volunteer, email:
Martha Austin -

or fill out the form above.

NOTE:  You do not have to live on the street that you are block captain for.