Greater Oak Hills Civic Association                 

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About Us

The Greater Oak Hills Civic Association (GOHCA) is a neighborhood Corporation whose purpose is to preserve the character and integrity of the united neighborhoods of Oak Hills Place and Oak Hills Park.  There are about 745 homes in the Greater Oak Hills neighborhood. 

The current Greater Oak Hills Civic Association was established in April 1998.


History of Civic Associations in Oak Hills*
Oak HiIls has had several previous resident associations, each time expanding or changing to fit the growing neighborhood and additional adjacent neighborhoods.

1959 - Oak Hills Lake Development Association - included those in Oak Hills Place with lake lots only

1961 - Oak Hills Place Association -  Oak Hills Place subdivision

1980 - Oak Hills Civic Association - Oak Hills III subdivision

1987 - Oak Hills Park South Homeowners Association, Inc.- Oak Hills Park South area

1992 - Oak Hills E. Lake Association, Inc. - final plot of Oak Hills Park ninth filing

1998 - Greater Oak Hills Civic Association - includes Oak Hills Place and Oak Hills Park

2015 - Greater Oak Hills Civic Association - Oak Hills III joined Oak Hills Place and Oak Hills Park as one Civic Association

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The purpose for which this corporation is organized is to preserve the character and integrity of Oak Hills Place and Oak Hills Park areas.  The purpose of this corporation does not include the maintenance or the ownership of any lake, lot, or common area or any other parcel of land located in either Oak Hills Place or Oak Hills Park Subdivisions.


Join Now!

It is because of members and volunteers that we are able to continue as an active civic organization. We communicate to the larger Baton Rouge community that we are a neighborhood with a voice, interested in maintaining our property values and keeping our neighborhood safe.  Without you, we have no voice because it is the larger voice that makes the roar.  We maintain membership in the Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations in order to work with this united group of civic and homeowners associations who have similar goals, participate in community-based organizations which seek to improve the community environment and quality of life, educate its member associations in matters of mutual interests, and participate in municipal planning and improvement of neighborhoods and the city of Baton Rouge.