Greater Oak Hills Civic Association                 

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2017 Block Captains

Laurie Moran - [email protected]
Kim Moore - [email protected]

2017 Block Captains - (Revising the list now - email to volunteer!)

Volunteer to be a Block Captain!

More block captains are needed to effectively cover the neighborhood!  We are still looking for a few more Block Captains.  The list is getting shorter!!

These streets are still in need of a block captain:  Lazy K, N. Lake Estates Ave., S. Lakeview Drive, Verdun, West Lake Estates Drive, and Willow End Ct, East

Duties of a Block Captain

1.  Letter to all neighbors introducing yourself and letting them know you are their “go to person”.  Notify residents with information such as, selling home/moving, death of resident, new neighbors, any suspicious activity on street or neighborhood.

2.  Let Membership know of any updates for the directory, adds, changes and removals.

3.  Distribute letters/call/email neighbors about events in the neighborhood, GOHCA Civic Association meetings and social events.

4.  Forward any pertinent information to the GOHCA President, and/or Webmaster for information to be posted on the website.

NOTE:  you do not have to live on the street that you are block captain for, in case you wish to volunteer & your street is taken.

To volunteer, email:

Laurie Moran - [email protected]  or  Kim Moore - [email protected]